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What is the LustBaby Project?
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Written by Rygel Ryba   
Monday, 21 April 2008



The LustBaby Project is a set of erotic hypnosis and mind control products for use in the Second Life virtual world. It started out as a simple "hey, there are people making some beer money playing this game - I wonder what I can make?" and it has evolved into the most full-featured erotic hypnosis systems in Second Life. (And if I do say so myself - one of the best computer automated personal hypnosis systems overall).


Second Life is an environment where tens of thousands of people are interacting with a user developed environment at any given time. And a fair majority of them are looking to experience things that they normally wouldn't be able to experience in real life - that's right people, I'm talking about Sex Things.

One of the shortcomings of Second Life's interactive 3D environment is the fact that you can "act out" any fantasy you might imagine, but you can never really "feel" the crack of your Master's whip. You can't feel the gobs of man juice covering your body as you experience your first gang bang.

Or can you?

That, my friends is "why Second Life" - because the whole system is a great way to explore sexual fantasies in a role play scenario. But what if we could take it a step further. What if you could feel that snap of a whip?



Text based hypnosis is by no means the best way to do it. There really is no replacement for a face to face session with a skilled hypnotist who can respond to you and guide you through the experience. But, for years we hypno-fetishists (and even mainstream hypnotists) have been experimenting with using computers and the internet to perform hypnosis on people around the world.

In Second Life, we are using a combination of the best "computer based" hypnosis techniques that have been used in programs like "Virtual Hypnotist" and in AIM and YIM chat sessions. We use text based inductions (computer run voice sessions just aren't practical at this point). We use binaural beat driven tones to enhance the experience even more.

In all, I spent about three months before writing more than a handful of lines of code to find out what techniques were going to work best in the Second Life environmant. I'm sure I'll talk more about all the things we're doing in this area as time goes by, but lets get on with this...

How Is LustBaby Different From the Other Second Life Hypnosis Machines?

In essence we use a lot of the tried and true techniques you will find in the other machine here in Second Life. At the end of the day - there's nothing really wrong with how they work. And they have a great head start on us when it comes to the sheer volume of different experiences you can have on their equipement.

There are a few things we have that are different and unique to our hypnosis equiment (and even Second Life equpment in general). Here are a few:

  • HUD Driven: Rather than positioning the camera inside the machine to see the session, our units run on a HUD and the machines are just transmitters. This allows us to make machines of any shape or size - even attachments.
  • Networked Smart Machines: The transmitters know you - and know what sessions you own, what sessions you like, and even which ones you have customized just for yourself.
  • Customizable Sessions: Scripts are broken down into parts - that you can mix and match with different types and lengths of inductions and deepeners to really enhance your experience and tune it so that it works best for you!
  • And more. Try out the demos and get your free hud at Rygel & LustBaby's Workshop in-world!

Last Updated ( Thursday, 15 May 2008 )
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